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Who is becka adams dating

I am glad to own it, despite being able to watch it, whenever a Wi Fi signal is available...but I was hoping to see more of Tick's behind the scenes.I am sad to find out there is not another season of this great show as I have really enjoyed both seasons. Ten people with different backgrounds put together in an abandoned factory/warehouse in downtown Los Angeles need to survive as a group using whatever food, water, things they can build they from discarded junk they can find in the factory and its environs as well as defend the colony against marauders.If you are into any apocalypse movies,games, or books then this is definitely the show for you. I enjoyed the show primarily because I was drawn to John C., who kept creating one device after another that helped purify water, build a rudimentary radio transmitter, build weapons, a sun tracking device to continuously move an array of scavanged solar panels to follow the sun over the course of the day, etc.Skout - While trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, the Colonists discover their water source has been heavily contaminated and a leadership issue breaks out.Tick - The Colonists deal with deception in the fight for food resources, as a stranger living among them reveals himself.The Bachelor played the supportive boyfriend, telling Becca that “today is all about you” while she declared, “The world could end today and I would die a happy girl.” After spending the day getting ready, Becca and Luyendyk went out to dinner in Los Angeles, and the Bachelor told her she made his “heart smile” and reminded him the most of himself during his stint on the show.Becca also revealed that her priorities were in order when she made sure the racecar driver could fix the brakes on her car.

Later, the Colonists are attacked while scavenging for supplies outside the Colony.The first group would kick this ones butt at surviving. “The Bachelor” returned on Monday for the new season’s second episode and the first dates of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s journey for love.This season, albeit they weren't stocked with engineers, they seemed to sit around a little more.It took half the season and introduction of a military guy for them to actually do something about security.

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For the price, this set of DVD's gave many hours of viewing enjoyment.