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He said, “Excellence does not call attention to itself” (“The Spirit of the Tabernacle,” 26). As Elder Nelson taught me in that fireside long ago, and as President Packer taught in general conference, excellence will be obvious to those who need to be impressed. One such experience occurred three months ago when I was with a graduate student at a professional meeting.

He had worked many hours on wording, rewording, and crafting his talk in order to present as clearly as possible his data and conclusions.

In general conference in April 2007, Elder Jeffrey R.

Holland said that our culture has an “obsession with comparing [and] competing” (“The Tongue of Angels,” Ensign, May 2007, 17).

He had organized, reordered, and revised his slides to present plainly the most important information in a logical, easy-to-follow sequence.

This preparation continued in his hotel room well into the night before his talk.

Elder Oaks gives a list of why the hanging out "trend" has increased while dating has decreased.

Instead of asking him out, she contrived a way so that she was left at a ward activity with no way to get home, unless he offered to give her a ride.

In his much-quoted talk on dating versus hanging out, Elder Dallin H. is given to be heard under the influence of the Spirit of the Lord, with the intended result that the listener learns from the talk and from the Spirit what he or she should do about it.

He said, “The most important thing you need to do in graduate school is to impress the right people.” I thought that the gospel teaches us that we aren’t supposed to do things to “be seen of men” (Matthew 6:5), to call attention to ourselves, and to “aspire to the honors of men” (D&C 1).

And yet my advisor seemed to be saying that if I was going to succeed as a graduate student, that’s exactly what I needed to do.

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  1. Nonetheless, what these stats tell us is that generally speaking, across all three models (calculated by using the admittedly unscientific method of averaging the proportions across all three models to emphasize the last two models), these are the Asian ethnic groups are most or least likely to have each kind of spouse: Men/Husbands -- Most / The numbers presented above only represent a 'cross sectional' look at racial/ethnic marriage patterns involving Asian Americans.