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Dating a malawian

Bikes, Motorbike, Wooden Canoe, fridge freezer, animals, hundreds of bags of maize and anything else you could think of, it was like the BBC program “The Generation game” with all the items disappearing from our eyes, I couldn’t remember everything!

Traveling on the ship and my spending time with my friends was a great welcome to my adventure as I had been alone for some time, the highlight though had to be sleeping on the top deck under a blanket of stars at night, something I won’t ever forget in a hurry.

The conduct of the minister and the police is barbaric, retrogressive and a threat to freedom of assembly and association.

Upon my arrival into Malawi I soon realized I had bitten off more than I could chew, I decided to cycle from Mbeya to Karonga (Tanzania – Malawi) over some epic passes in one day.

But then all things changed, I started to sweat uncontrollably and was being sick all the time, and slowly drifted in and out of consciousness.

The next day my fever worsened as I couldn’t even muster any energy to stand up.

It looks like God is sending angels to watch over me.

Towards the end of my stay in Malawi, Gun and I ran into another cyclist from England called Nick who was staying at another place.

She then ordered the arrest of the officials, where 14 were kept in custody and charged with unlawful assembly and conspiracy to commit a felony. Kalekeni described the arrest of NRB staff as violation of human rights and demand “an immediate action by government on this issue.” He said: “The Minister of Home Affairs should make a public apology on her unbecoming conduct.My first impressions of this country were mixed after the border check point, their were less cars on the road and the kids were more intense screaming for money, what I realize now though is the only white people they see are cyclists, the others fly past in their fancy air conditioned 4X4″s at over 100kmph, It was just part of the trip and something I just had to accept.Cycling the 170km in one hit took it out of me as I arrived in the cover of darkness, collapsing on the flea ridden guest house bed after nearly 12 hours on the bike. I cycled on the next day to Chiweta and stumbled upon Hakuna Matata camp site ran by a South African chap called Willie, I was the only guest but I deeply enjoyed my stay there listening to Willie’s stories and sampling some of the finest food I had eaten on this trip (Zimbabwe food yum).Speaking during a news conference, MCTU General Secretary, Denis Kalekeni gave government until 30 September to make public apology or else the body will report the government to the Committee of Experts on Freedom of Association an arm of ILO which looks at disciplinary issues on freedom of association among its members States.“We want government o condemn these barbaric acts, or else, MCTU shall have no option but to include these actions in our report to the Committee of Experts on Freedom of Association for government to appear before the committee next year in June during the International Labour Conference,” said MCTU secretary general Dennis Kalekeni, reading from a statement which he co-signed with the body’s president Luther Mambala.

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I met two cool cycling journalists who also have a great story Mojo Velo.